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One of the largest challenges that continue to cripple the developing world is lack of trained physicians. Even though there is no scarcity of semi-trained labor force, many health workers in many developing countries are not able to provide satisfactory care because of not having enough proficiency. Developing countries like India also are also weighed down with the load of infectious and chronic diseases that usually have a quite expensive treatment. It is crucial that focus of the solution to the aforementioned problem is shifted towards prevention This can be compensated by appropriate screening of patients by partially trained health workers.


We developed Jiah, a Java based mobile phone application, that can be used to assist and connect health workers and trained medical professionals through a backend Medical Record System (we use OpenMRS at the backend). Jiah is an extension of Sana, a similar application currently available for android phones, and was developed to cater to the majority of Java based phones currently available in developing countries. Using XForms for creating our mobile application provides the system users with the flexibility to create a wide variety of forms with ease. We also performed a pilot study using Jiah.

System Design

Jiah Architecture


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