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One of the primary reasons we avoid donating is because we aren’t sure if the money reaches the intended beneficiary. This can be due to multiple reasons such as corrupt itermediaries, inefficient processes, unexpected road blocks, poor implementations etc. This project is targeted at the philanthrophy domain and we are trying to address(partly) the above problems in follwoing ways. The project has three components:

  1. Creating a distributed and tamper proof ledger (blockchain) that is shared across charities, service providers (hospitals, schools etc.), donors and beneficiaries.
  2. Sharing information across charities to improve operational efficiency.
  3. Allowing donors flexibility in donations with information about funds utilization.
  4. Build a network of distributed trust and employ help from locals to ensure validity of change.



Blockchain with smart-contracts​ - Tamper-resistant distributed public ledgers across multiple untrusted parties​


Aadhaar for targeted beneficiary-accounting​ - Prevents double-dipping; enables targeted funding (e.g. kids in my village)​

UPI (Universal Payment Interface)

UPI with improvements​ - Allows seamless payment with pre-enforced conditions


Aadhaar based eSign API allows signing digital contracts and provides accountability

Citizen Journalism

On-demand real-time video feed by randomly-chosen persons​. Allows surprise on-the-ground validation / verification of actual change​

Research Questions

  1. How can Blockchain as a technology be used to build tamper-proof “trusted frameworks”?​
  2. How can we leverage central API’s from India Stack in a decentralized setting(blockchain) while maintaining all the inherent properties of distributed ledger?


We have currently using Hyperledger Fabric for our blockchain solution and are modifiying it to meet our specifications. Vishrambh Architecture


Our work has received recognition in an outside Microsoft. We have won various awards along the way which have helped us revalidate our concept and stretch forward.

  • Selected for Demo at Microsoft Annual TechFest
  • Winner - 3rd Place - Public Sector - Microsoft Global //OneWeek Challenge
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Anant Maheshwari #IndiaStack
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Anil Bhansali #IndiaStack
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Sriram Rajamani #IndiaStack
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Amit Sircar #Blockchain
  • Winner - Angelhack 10 - Bangalore 2017